Completely Natural Looking Hair Loss Solution For Both Men & Women

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Our Mission

We are a certfied program member recognising the best Micro Pigmentation clinic and technicians. Here at Inkline Hair, we pride ourselves in providing a personal client-first experience. The entire process from the initial consultation and advice through to post-treatment care is tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients, to ensure you receive the very best from our scalp Micro Pigmentation also know as medical pigmentation process. We provide a flawless outcome which is not noticeable to the naked eye…


Our Treatments

Here at Inkline Hair, we specialise in the following four treatments. Thinning Hair, Male and Female Pattern Baldness and Scarring Camouflage. All our consultations and treatments are discreet, allowing you to be proud of your new look bringing back all that confidence you once had! We also give a one year guarantee Click on the links below to find out more about our treatments.


If you are someone who suffers from Male or Female Pattern Hair thinning (HPH), Micro Pigmentation will increase the appearance and the thickness of hair, giving you back your confidence


As we know people can be cruel when it comes to Female or Male pattern baldness, however if you are beginning to show signs of thinning Micro Pigmentation allows us to extend a receding hairline by defining the new area with the existing hairline.


If you are beginning to show signs of thinning or have areas of alopecia, Micro Pigmentation can help by making the area appear denser, giving a fuller and thicker natural look so people do not notice the thinning hair.


Micro Pigmentation can benefit those who have obvious scarring of the head, by camouflaging the area giving the scar area of the scalp a natural appearance. Some scars can be remedied in as little as a single session.


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“Finished my third and final treatment and as you can see it’s an absolute transformation couldn’t be more happier with the finished result it’s beyond what i expected phenomenal skills and attention to detail Thank You, Michael”

dean hay  |  CLIENT

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Established by Michael Barnes in 2017, Inkline Hair has become one of the fastest growing Micro Pigmentation clinics in Wales. After seeing his friends treatment and seeing the possibilities for himself, Micheal developed a passion for the process and went on to receive his training to become a qualified Micro Pigmentation technician so he could help the growing number of people suffering from Thinning Hair and Hair Loss. Now Michael has helped a huge amount of people from Newport, Cardiff, Swansea, Bristol, Bath, Birmingham, Exeter, Coventry and other places to regain complete confidence in themselves, their looks and in the way they feel each day. This is something he is particularly proud of and so are his clients.

Inkline Hair specialises in the most difficult of cases with complete honesty and discretion making the process from start to finish incredibly unique. If you feel like your hair could do with some TLC let us take a look, fill out the form below, send us an e-mail or give us a call and we can book you in for a Free, No Obligation Consultation and you could end up on the right path to regaining confidence in your hair and your look. ( All treatments and photos taken are completely confidential and will not be shown with out your accordance .

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